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EU-Turkey Summit 07/03/2016

Bullying among kids seen most in the Baltics

A student is bullied when another student says or does nasty and unpleasant things to him or her, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Being teased repeatedly or being deliberately left out of things also qualifies as bullying. The… Continue Reading →

EU-Turkey refugee deal: Why it risks to be illegal

The clock is ticking and it is still unclear how the EU will manage to close a final refugee agreement with Turkey by the end of the week. The aim is to transform the basis agreed by the EU leaders… Continue Reading →

Refugee Integration: a Cooperative Model Hostel

“Welcommon” stands for “Welcome in common”. This is the name that four well-established social cooperatives (Wind of Renewal, Greek Forum of Refugees, Greek Forum of Migrants and ANASA Cultural Center) have chosen for this project. This cooperative Model Hostel wants to offer much… Continue Reading →

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