In the Netherlands 44,446 refugees are looking for an opportunity and at least 7,000 families are ready to host them in their home. The only piece missing is the match and that is Takecarebnb’s job.

It’s a volunteer organization working to integrate refugees into Dutch society.

Sharing stories and bridging cultural differences are some of the assets of this project both for families and asylum seekers, who no longer would have to stay in refugee centres.

“Refugees get a chance to start rebuilding their lives faster, start learning the language of the country and getting an immersion in the culture of their host country,” said Maja Grcic, board member of Takecarebnb.

“Families feel they can help on a tangible and personal level and understand better the complexities of the refugee crisis,” she added.

Grcic firmly believes that bringing a refugee from a far removed asylum seeker centre into a community helps the entire community move from polarization to empathy and understanding, which is a core aspect of integration.

Takecarebnb was launched in December 2015 and in four months has already made 20 matches between families and refugees.