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Nuclear needs up to EUR 450 billion to survive

If the European Union wants to keep nuclear energy alive until 2050 it will need to find up to EUR 450 billion in investments, according to a new report published by the European Commission. There are 129 nuclear power reactors in operation… Continue Reading →

Refugee crisis: The EU and Turkey’s ugly response

When the EU-Turkey refugee preliminary accord saw the light of day on March 8th, humanitarian organizations and the United Nations didn’t need much time to raise their moral and legal concerns. Donald Tusk, the European Council president, had the mandate to hone… Continue Reading →

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Takecarebnb: A home while refugees wait for their own

In the Netherlands 44,446 refugees are looking for an opportunity and at least 7,000 families are ready to host them in their home. The only piece missing is the match and that is Takecarebnb’s job. It’s a volunteer organization working… Continue Reading →

Bullying among kids seen most in the Baltics

A student is bullied when another student says or does nasty and unpleasant things to him or her, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Being teased repeatedly or being deliberately left out of things also qualifies as bullying. The… Continue Reading →

EU-Turkey refugee deal: Why it risks to be illegal

The clock is ticking and it is still unclear how the EU will manage to close a final refugee agreement with Turkey by the end of the week. The aim is to transform the basis agreed by the EU leaders… Continue Reading →

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